Purpose And Objectives

Purpose And Objectives of New England Division of the International Association of Fire Chiefs.

  • To serve as an integral part of the International Association with identical purposes and objectives.
  • To bring the membership and their associates together in conference at least once per year to discuss ways and means for the betterment and advancement of the fire and emergency services.
  • To assist the membership in maintaining high standards of personal and departmental efficiency through study and application of modern and advanced methods of fire department administration, techniques of fire fighting, fire prevention and emergency medical services.
  • To cooperate with government agencies to promulgate and effectuate plans for all phases of emergency management in which all fire and emergency services may best serve their individual communities.
  • To formulate plans for mutual aid and assistance to communities that may be afflicted by wide scale disasters.
  • To help develop and expand public relations of the fire and emergency services at local, state and national levels.
  • To cooperate with all agencies in promoting fire prevention and public education programs.
  • To aid in establishing standards for organizing, equipping and training volunteer, part paid, and career fire and emergency services and encourage their adoption.
  • To sustain the high traditions of the fire and emergency services and to promote the welfare of all of its members.
  • To aid in the establishment of standards for apparatus, equipment and methods in public and private fire and emergency service organizations.
  • To coordinate the efforts of all those engaged in the field of fire and emergency services in order that such concerted action shall gain the confidence of the public and achieve steady progress against the ravages of natural and man made disasters.

The division shall consist of members residing in the following states: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.