Officers & Directors

Officers 2020-2021

Robert Gowans
Chief Robert A. Gowans,  President Chief John Duross,
Past President
Chief John Wood,
Chief Darrell White,
1st VP
Chief Robert E. Bradley Jr.,
2nd VP

Officers 2020-2021

Chief Charles Doody,  President Chief Charles M. Flynn,
Past President
Chief Chris Christopoulos,
International Director

Directors 2020 – 2021

Chief Thomas Higgins
Bangor, Maine
Chief Peter J. Starkel
Columbia, CT
Chief Keith Stark
Weymouth, MA
Chief Kevin McAllister,
Windsor, VT
Chief Michael DeMello
Bristol, RI
Chief Ken Jones Meredith, NH 

Appointees 2020 – 2021

Charles Chaconas Donald Hall Gary Blume
Chief Charles Chaconas,
Sgt at Arms
Chief Steve Locke,
IAFC Treasurer
Chief Donald Hall, Ret, NEAFC
Asst. Sergeant-at-Arms
Rev. Gary Blume Chaplain
Deacon Dick Martino

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