On Wednesday April 15, 2020 the Board of Directors met by conference call to discuss the topic of the June 24-27, 2020 Fire/Rescue/EMS Expo being held in Worcester, MA.

The Board discussed the current events with the corona virus situation and the projected issues going forward with the recovery, which you know is changing daily. There are so many unknowns at this time and moving forward with the Expo would be taking a higher risk than the Board felt comfortable with. The decision did not come easy or without disappointment. But good judgement with an abundance of caution, to the extent that it is better to error on the side of safety the Board made a decision.

They voted to cancel the June 24-27, 2020 Worcester Expo until June 23-26, 2021. The City of Worcester DCU Center will again be the location for the Expo.

Any questions can be directed to John Wood, Event/Exhibit Coordinator at jwood@newenglandfirechiefs.org, or by phone 802 839 6294.

Attendees can visit the web page or like us on Facebook.

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The New England Fire/Rescue/EMS 2021

New England Association of Fire Chiefs announced that next years show and expo will be held at DCU Center in Worcester, MA. Please come join us and book early as we expect to sell out of rooms and booth space !!  Planning is in progress and information will be available as soon as possible.



Conference Dates:
DCU Center: June 23, 24, 25 & 26, 2021 (Mark your calendars!)